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Best equipment for the Mauritian Marlins
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Our boats are equipped with top notch trolling fishing equipment. We mainly use Penn International V rods and reels.

The equipment on our deluxe big game fishing 42 feet boat for classic mauritian style granders fishing is :
2x130 lbs, 2x80 lbs, 2x50 lbs, 2x30 lbs standard 7 feet long rods with straight butt.

On the 34 feet we have aimed for a more sports and action experience with lighter rods and reels such as 70VS and 50VSW on their respective Penn International V rods. This is to get maximum sensations on smaller and more common size blue marlins of avg 250 to 350 pounds.
Lines used are:
2x80 lbs, 4x50 lbs, 2x30 lbs.

On the 24 feet, it is purely stand up fishing with its special short butt rods and harness :
Lines used are:
4x50 lbs, 2x30 lbs, 2x15 lbs.

» Optional (for more than 1 day)

Request our set of stand up fishing rods 80, 50 or 30 lbs with straight or curved butt with Penn International V reels 70, 50 and 30...

Due to the depth of our waters and the size of marlins on our Island, we still use 130 lbs line test, even though we know the international tendency is to fish more and more on light tackle. We have in average evey year 3 marlins over 1000 pounds boated on rods and reels and another 4 or 5 by the local fisherman with handline.

We might loose over 30 marlins estimated 1000+ every year by breaking the line, these fish will take 1000 meters of 130 in just few minutes and dive to the deep for a non stop run. The longuest fight in Mauritius is from 8h00 till 10h00 the next day, a 26 hour fight where the marlin came several times close to the boat before dashing away again.

The locals and the experienced anglers from overseas will tell you that our marlin "EAT IRON" (said "MANGE FERAILLE" the Mauritian way). The temperature, the currents and the depth of our waters make our marlins extremely strong. The difficulty remains in the depth of our waters reaching up to 4500 feet only 3 miles from the shore. Should you wish to be more sport we have at your disposal a complete set of 80 lbs, 50 lbs and 30 lbs, mainly used for fishing in the international tournaments held in Black River.

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